about me.

I'm Andrew Rossborough, a recording artist and product designer creating work under the name andrew thomas james.


I am a product designer and expert in UX design, brand positioning, research and user testing. I'm a former founder of a digital service startup and am experienced in business development, product management, digital strategy and taking product from concept to market. I sit on the advisory board for Interaction Design at Ulster University.


I make music both as a solo artist and as one half of indie-rock duo The New Town Criers.

Currently in progress

  • Music video for local artist.
  • Screenplay for a science-fiction film.
  • Product Validation Tool for startups.
  • Mindful task organisation app.

Recently I've been inspired by...

My vision

I'm passionate about building community and helping others realise their dreams. Whether through music, design or film, my goal is always to connect people and foster hope.

I'm currently available for consultation, collaborations and advice / mentoring. I'm keen to work with startups and charitable causes and share my wisdom and experiences from over 10 years in the startup arena.

Brands I've worked with

Ulster University

‘‘A rare talent. A true artist who fully appreciates the nuances and complexities of designing in a modern software development environment.’’

- Steve Walsh, Director of Software Development, Nixplay